Frequently asked questions

Is there anything else like this on the market?

No. Powerfield makes the simplest-to-deploy power installations in the world. Other solar energy systems require major construction, digging, pouring concrete, lots of tools, nuts and bolts and specialized labor. Powerfield solar installations can be installed without any of that.

Are Powerfield installations permanent?

Yes. They are made to last as long as a typical solar farm (30+ years) and have been tested and proven in some of the harshest weather conditions.

Are Powerfield installations moveable?

Yes. They can be just as easily disassembled and redeployed using all of the same parts and materials.

Are Powerfield installations faster to install than other systems?

Yes. Powerfield intallations can be installed in minutes compared to days or months with other systems.

Are Powerfield installations durable?

Yes. We use materials and components that are proven to last in rough weather for decades.

How do I know how much energy is created and how much money I’ll save?

A Powerfield representative will work with you to customize the system based on your energy needs.

Are they adaptable to any size?

Yes. They can be sized to fit virtually any size, from as little as a mini or micro installation to as large as a megawatt utility scale installation.

Do we make the solar panels?

No. We are agnostic to solar panels and electrical equipment – only that we seek to use the highest quality materials in our turn-key systems. We can also give you the choice of selecting specific solar panels and electrical equipment to suit your needs.

Does it work with any solar panel?

Yes, virtually all solar panels are compatible with our systems.

Are there really no tools needed?

Yes, for the assembly and ground-mounting installation of the solar farm. A skilled electrician is still needed for connecting the system into a utility meter or off-grid storage solution, but with Powerfield’s uniquely simplified system the installation can be done without tools.

Are Powerfield installations patented?

Yes, you can find our patent here.